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  • Web Pages
    Website Pages designed to be search engine optimized, seach friendly to give the best seo so you can acquire natural searches
    domains title description content meta tags meta descriptions
  • A mobile responsive, mobile friendly experience
    Out sites adapt to the viewing device, whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
    Adaptive Website according to the device
  • Website CMS
    CMS Platforms - Wordpress - Joomla
    A CMS allows the creation of multiple user who have privileges to add, edit and delete content
  • Ecommerce - Online Store
    We can create a shop to sell you product online, standard is shopping cart, payment options from credit cards or paypal.
    Sell Online
    Sell your products online now
  • Websites We Designed
    We have designed many types of sites from selling boats and cars to product online and custom designs. For sure we do standard sites that shows off your business.
    Our custom sites have been made to do a range of things, from specific business needs, social, user interaction, forums, databases have all been code and made to meet various needs

Simply put we believe your website should be profitable for you.responsive website desktop mobile
We believe that your website is not just something to tick off your list.
It must be functional, it must have a purpose and work for your business and your bottom line.
Your website needs to be profitable.

How do we do this?
The website is designed to acquire more leads, get you lots of hits or visitors.
It should not stop there, every visitor needs to find the valuable content or product you have for them.
It should not stop there either, the visitor should engage and be encouraged to engage.
A website may need to be a simple or complex design but the main thing is that it works and is functional.

This Philosophy means our sites work for you and provides you with a solution to make yourself and your client happy.

A bit about our websites?
Our websites are designed with a cms, the layout or theme is responsive so no matter the device you can view the website on a mobile, tablet or desktop. 
They can be very interactive, pretty and work with a database. The interface is always important as to how the website looks and functions.
Great pictures really make it attractive for the user and can be essential for selling something but we know to the search engines content is King.

To get technical?
We design from either Wordpress or Joomla platform and in rare cases do a custom website design. We mostly use php, mysql and host on a linux platform.
Our website are designed in html 5 and often use javascript, jquery, ajax, sql. We design using the latest web standards to get the best results.

Coding on a website on a mac