What can we say about website design - been there, doing it.
Started designing back when there was no CMS's and everything was custom code.
Today we can supply a multitude of solutions to best suite your company and your customers.

Html Coding


Enabling digital trading, so your product can be bought on your online shop. This means, customers, delivery, shipping, payment, orders and product management.

Shopping Cart

For sure your online shop will require a shopping cart, where the products can be added, removed and help the web visitor checkout.

Social / Community

A site that enables users to register and interact with the site, this can be in many forms. Form web page interaction, profiles, private messages, forums, posts, replys and boards.

Forms, Enquiries, Web HTML Email

Forms are very useful, they a fields where a user can input data. Custom forms specific to your site will enable better engagement for you as you have more knowledge.
Forms can be captured and the information sent as an email or put in a Database,


Database Coding

A Database is essentially stored information, the information to be retrieved and displayed in many ways. You site can be data driven, or interactive and need user profiles. All this information should be stored
so it can be retrieved and made valuable to your business and customers,


Content Management System - We use and recommend two CMS's Joomla or Wordpress, there are many other CMS platforms. We always open to change and helping you get the best solution. Joomla is great for custom work, Wordpress is simple and used by the majority of websites.


This is how your site gets visitors, it can be done through many ways, google, google ads, social platforms, SEO, content, organic traffic, paid traffic, newsletters, signatures etc ...
Real stratergy and plans are needed to get aqusitions.


Once you have aquired many visitors, do your visitors engage? This is where alot of sites miss so many opportunities.
Say you selling a car, visitors come to the page and see lots of great pictures with all the details, age, mileage etc
Now they want to engage, but they have to go to the contact us page, write the name of the car they interest in etc
An enagement like that maybe be lost becuase it is such a mission and not quick and simple.
Then another question comes once they engage do is the response profesional and building your brand.

Interface, look and feel, layout

A website should always work, be easy to use, intuitive, and look great.